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How Should it Fit?


The perfect fit is comfortable right out of the box. Shoes should never need to be broken in. The sole should feel level and stable. The fit should be comfortably snug through the heel and arch and spacious in the toe. More toe space is needed for long distances and problem feet.

Most running shoes are designed to last for about 800km of wear. That distance can be affected by the surfaces you're on, the frequency of wear, and your own unique mechanics.




The band should sit flat and level. The straps should have enough stretch to fit two fingers between the strap and your shoulder. The cups should have no creases or spill-over.

Bras wear out from use, time and washings. Bras for high-impact activities should be replaced annually.



Our insoles are designed to work best with adjustable, well-fitting footwear like lace-up shoes or boots. If the stock insole is removable, take it out before putting the new insole in. The new insole should feel level, stable and immediately comfortable.